Some Days It’s Enough to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

I never write here anymore. I think about it, but never get to it. Life is moving so fast, it feels like the view from a carousel sometimes. Except without scary, impaled horses with their mouths open, silently frozen in the middle of protesting the brass poles through their middles.

I’m married, and have been for 9 months (in two days). I’ve lost 100 pounds now. My weight starts with a ‘1’ for the first time since high school. I had my annual performance appraisal and did quite well. gabriel and I will finally live together 2 weeks from now. Two weeks and one day, actually.

It looks like we’re going to Atlanta, Georgia in October. It looks like he’s going to Camosun College to take the medical lab assistant program.

This is my last weekend in Seattle, and tomorrow night we’re gathering as many of our Seattle friends as possible together to say goodbye. It’s all so exciting, so happy but still so bittersweet, and it’s all happening so fast.

I got mentioned by name in the New Yorker blog today. It’s all a beautiful blur and I love days like this.

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2 Responses to Some Days It’s Enough to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

  1. gaba says:

    I was SO happy to see the bit in the New Yorker blog, bethy. That’s fantastic.
    I can’t wait to live with you next week.

  2. alysonoholic says:

    ❤ miss you guys already.

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