Are You There, Blog? It’s Me…

I promise nothing. It’s likely I will blog with fervor and attention and even occasional entertainment value, and then infuriatingly disappear when my attention wanders elsewhere. But yours might wander first.

I have an unstoppable penchant for run-on sentences, heavy with descriptors. Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I swear with a fervor and creativity that would drop the jaws of sailors. Sometimes I’m funny, and sometimes I will write a painfully honest entry that will come out of nowhere and make you uncomfortable. I am forever trapped under the nagging feeling that I haven’t lived up to any of the potential they saddled me with in the gifted programs as a child. I think that’s called growing up – but I’m supposed to be famous and universally beloved and wildly successful by now – but rational or not, it sure can be painful sometimes.

I’m female, 32, and living on the amazingly beautiful westcoast of Canada, with big trees and countless lakes. I like to store things in written form. Welcome to my filing cabinet of the damned.


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