That Whooshing Sound? Another Weekend Flying By.

Great news, readerinos*. Gabriel and I heard from the lawyers last week, and our first stage of immigration processing has been approved. That means they checked me out, and found me appropriate to be a sponsor, so I’ve been approved to sponsor Gabriel to be a Canadian Permanent Resident. Now they transfer his file to the consulate in Buffalo for inspection and processing. We still have about 4-11 months, roughly – the average seems to be about 7 or so. Then Gabe moves here, and either goes to school or right into looking for work. He’s using this time to try to figure out what he wants his next career move to be, as he’s in the oil industry now, and doesn’t want to stay in it (and there’s not much work in that capacity on the South island, anyway). I’m both nervous/scared for him (and for me! Sponsorship means I have promised the Canadian government I will financially support him while he’s here, no matter what), but also excited for him and kind of envious of the new opportunity and chapter. I love my job most days (though since a big-fish company swallowed our littler-fish company, not only is the pressure on, but sometimes I also feel like a corporate whore), but I’ve been with the company a long time. I feel like the position I’m in is tailor-made for me, but I also sometimes long for change. Not yet, but someday. But change to what? It’s funny – I feel like if I quit my job tomorrow, and then the day after saw a posting for the same job, I would gasp and say “THAT’S MY DREAM JOB”. So, I think some of my itchy-feet is nothing to do with not being satisfied by my current position, and more to do with having been there a long time. A greener pastures scenario, if you will.

Anyway, good news on the immigration front. I’m glad my sponsorship bid was approved, and truth be told am also a bit relieved, as I had an arrest** incident just under 5 years ago that I worried could affect my candidacy. So now, we just have to be patient and wait.

And really, as hard a time as we have with the goodbyes, and as much as we miss each other during the week, and as expensive and tiring as the travel is, we’re LUCKY for a distance couple. Most people dealing with spousal class immigration sponsorship don’t get to be together every weekend, I’ll bet. And while sometimes I worry about Gabe driving such a long way, and I even get sick of my own little drive out to the ferry terminal and back twice a week, it’s not that bad. I look forward to not having to spend the gas money, and the time, but for now, it’s just 2.5 listenings of Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” on repeat – three, if the traffic’s bad. I can handle that.

We had a good weekend, which included a Big Lebowski quote-along screening, complete with costumes, White Russians, and wii bowling on the big screen (I sucked, but one of our friends was damn good, and won her round), and it was a really good time. We had brunch with a friend, watched some good movies (of course), got some thorough house cleaning done, and enjoyed some quality snuggle time. And while I was out at my meeting, Gabriel made me a big batch of turkey lentil chili. I’m spoiled rotten.

Tonight after I dropped him off I picked up some groceries, then stopped and did a bit of cardio on the elliptical and watched some of the Emmys, because it was what the TV in the gym was set to. And here’s what I have to say about that: I really, really don’t give a fuck about awards shows.

*I know I’m alone here, but just lemme pretend, ok? ok.
**No. Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of me.

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1 Response to That Whooshing Sound? Another Weekend Flying By.

  1. gaba says:

    But I need you to give a fuck about the Oscars! Not because I’m invested in them but because THEY (mostly) ARE FUN TO WATCH.

    After hanging out with you last weekend I listened to a LOT of Curtis Mayfield! It made my week better.

    I ❤ you

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