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A Song I Love: Elevator Love Letter by Stars

Don’t go Say you’ll stay Spend a lazy Sunday in my arms I won’t take anything away Advertisements

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On Moderation

Of both of my faults, I think it’s safe to say the one that has caused me the most grief in my life is my utter inability to do ANYTHING in moderation. It can range from the harmless and endearing: … Continue reading

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Without a Trace

My best friend Courtenay, the closest friend I’ve ever had (so close we almost killed each other on occasion, actually) moved to New Zealand in October of 2006 with her boyfriend to live, work, play and explore for a year … Continue reading

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Resolution, Revolution

2011. It seems to have come so quickly. But then, when I think of all that happened in 2010, and all that didn’t happen in 2010, it seems long, in retrospect. My life feels a bit stagnant, and some of … Continue reading

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